Photo Gallery, Page II

Class of '86 Rocks Forever! Time for Pictures!! Photo Gallery, Page II

More ..........P - I - C - T - U - R - E - S !!!!

I said to keep 'em comin', and you did!!  I've recently added this second page to accomodate the additional pictures you guys have sent.  If you're not on here, send something in!!

Jodi & Shelly catch up, while Dan Smith and Shelly's boyfriend Joel Mysak, do the same. Peggy is looking for something to do!

Ricky, Bret, Laura, Todd & Mary Jo

Kris & Bret enjoying the photo board of 7th grade camp, 5th grade picnic, & misc.

Dawn, Deanne, Shelly & Sheri

John's trying to find where Shane has gone off to.......

Looks like Shelly and Nikki are reminding Scott of something he did back in the day!!

Something is funny!!

Lookin' good Donny & Karen!!

Hi Holly!!

Mary Jo, Nikki, Sheri & Michelle giggling in the kitchen

Monique & her hubby